We have been producing PAS108 tyre blocks (Also known as Urro-Blocks or Tyre bales) and pioneering their use for the civil engineering industry in the UK for over 20 years. Our PAS108 tyre blocks have been used in many successful projects with many proven applications.

The use of PAS108 tyre blocks in construction is becoming commonplace due to the industry becoming increasingly aware of its benefits with help from over 5 years of UK independent Research and Development from H R Wallingford, The Transport Research Laboratory and Southampton University among others.

Our clients in the municipal waste industry have saved hundreds and thousands of pounds by replacing virgin aggregate with PAS108 trye blocks in the engineering of landfill cell drainage layers. This application also saves hundreds of thousand or tons of virgin aggregates towards a required government directive.

Anglo Environmental supplied 12,000 PAS108 tyre blocks for a Environment agency contract flood defence project on the River Witham. The project, based on PAS108 tyre blocks went on to win the prestigious Fleming Award sponsored by Skanska Cementation Foundations. Further information available on request. We also worked closely with the MOD combating the floods in York. In particular, a major river bank breach on the River Derwent endangering the Drax Power Station. Anglo Environmental was a finalist and runner up in the National Recycling Awards 2003, and winner of the Green Apple Environment awards 2003 Presented at the House of Commons, London. Tyre blocks themselves, as an environmentally friendly product for construction, also won the prestigous Highland Council award 2003.