The energy required to produce a single PAS108 tyre block is very small when compared to similar figures.

PAS108 Tyre block: 7.5 kWh/t
Pyrolysis: 370 kWh/t
Tyre Shred: 125 kWh/t

Resource use:
PAS108 Tyre blocks are usually used as a substitiute for primary aggregate, clay or hardcore. When substituted in this way there is no waste generated.

The tyre baling industry has the potential to generate both employment and consequential wealth, not least as the process is relatively labour intensive compared to aggregate production. It is both a cost-effective use of high volumes of used tyres and also an excellent use of tyre arisings.

Traditional low density construction materials are expensive and some remote infrastructure may be uneconomic to construct and/or repair. This can have significant negative impacts on issues relating to safety, access to employment and quality of life in remote communities. The low density of the PAS108 tyre blocks combined with their relatively low cost can mean that it may be possible to make economically viable repairs to infrastructure that may otherwise have remained unrepaired or even have been closed.