Suppliers of Tyre Blocks / Tyre bales / PAS108 Blocks.

Anglo Environmental are based in Essex, UK, and are a leading force in tyre recycling. We specialise in the production of compressed PAS108 tyre blocks for use in construction. We have been producing PAS108 tyre blocks (also known as PAS108 Tyre bales) and pioneering their use for the civil engineering industry in the UK for over 20 years. We were the first supplier of tyre blocks in the UK and our blocks have been used in many successful projects with many proven applications.

The tyre blocks (also named PAS108 Blocks or Tyre bales) can be used for a wide range of applications such as:-

Some of the main advantages of using PAS108 tyre blocks in place of conventional materials (such as aggregates, clays and concrete) are:-

PAS108 Tyre blocks have been used successfully in many major projects involving road construction, land erosion and wall construction, roads for wind farms, River and Sea wall embankments and dam construction. Our clients range from local councils, Environment Agencies and construction companies alike.

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